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Braun IPL Long-lasting Laser Hair Removal Device for Women & Men, Silk Expert Pro5 PL5157, Safe & Virtually Painless

Alternative to Salon Laser Hair Removal, Full Body, With Venus Razor & Luxury Case.

Silk·expert Pro 5 is Braun’s best IPL. This isn’t a laser hair removal device but instead uses advanced IPL technology to give you up to 6 months of smooth skin from home, with visible hair reduction in 4 weeks*. SkinPro 2.0 (SensoAdapt) automatically adapts to your skin tone, optimizing the power for the perfect balance between fast results and gentleness on skin. 2 sensitive modes ensure your skin’s comfort. Up to 125 flashes per minute enables less missed spots when gliding on your skin. *74% hair reduction after 12 weekly sessions (combined value for bikini, leg, axilla). Individual results may vary. Box Contents: 1 × Silk·expert Pro 5 with standard head 1 × Additional precision Head 1 × Venus Extra Smooth Swirl razor 1 × Soft pouch



  • BEST EFFICIENCY: Get up to 1 YEAR of SALON-LIKE SMOOTH SKIN from home (even in intimate areas)! Long Lasting hair reduction in just 3 weeks*
  • SkinPro 2.0 technology/SensoAdapt AUTOMATICALLY OPTIMIZES THE POWER of every flash to your skin tone. 30% faster sessions vs. next best Amazon competitor* (*at lowest energy level. Amazon competitor based on Amazon 1P+3P POS Sales Data P52W ending Nov’23)
  • FEWER MISSED SPOTS. Our fast IPL flashes up to 125 times per minute for an effortless treatment and better skin coverage.
  • GENTLE ON SKIN, even in the most sensitive areas (face, armpit, intimate area), with two sensitive modes that reduce light intensity
  • HEAD-TO-TOE SESSIONS with standard & precision attachments for legs, arms, face, armpit, intimate area, chest and back
  • 3 SENSITIVE MODES, AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON: Now with 3 intuitive power modes (normal, gentle, extra gentle) for comfortable and efficient usage. Use sensitive skin mode for a virtually pain-free session, ideal for first-time users.

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